Marshall Clary - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

Marshall Clary is a songwriter who performs vocally, plays keyboards and trumpet, and has recently taken up the guitar so that he can jam with his brothers, Hugh Clary and Rick Watson, at bluegrass festivals and gatherings where pianos and trumpets do not get past the gate guards. Most of the songs that Marshall writes have a country/bluegrass/gospel sound and are inspired by events, people, and experiences that he encounters along life's path. His gospel songs reflect his faith in Jesus Christ and his belief that the Holy Bible contains God's loving advice on how to avoid problems in our lives, and how to recover from the consequences of ignoring what God has to say. During his professional career in computers and business management, Marshall began writing songs for his own enjoyment, not thinking that he would ever have them recorded or performed by professional artists. Over the course of many years, Marshall accumulated a stack of such songs and he finally decided to see if he could get them recorded and released. Meanwhile, his progress in getting his music recorded was accompanied by newly written songs that added to the process. Since 1992, 41 of Marshall's songs have been recorded and released on six different CD albums by 12 different artists. In addition his songs and performances have been included in at least three Compilation CDs released by other Producers. His songs have been played on national radio in the USA, on Canadian television, and at the Grand Ole Opr'y in Nashville, TN.

Hugh Clary - Dobro

Hugh Clary has played piano, acoustic guitar, fiddle, stand-up bass, and resophonic guitar (dobro) for many years. His single and duet vocals have a unique country/bluegrass style that folks love to hear. For years, Hugh and his wife, Dot, have hosted many bluegrass jams at their homes for large numbers of diverse family and friends. Their gatherings are well known for lots of good food and great times. They have used these occasions to introduce their new brothers and sisters to their music friends who have tolerated us more than some folks do. Due to skills acquired as a ship repair machinist and supervisor, Hugh knows how to take things apart, refabricate them, and put them back together. He recently began to redirect those skills and talents to making acoustic and resophonic (dobro) guitars. His hobby is fast turning into a reputation for gorgeous instruments that have a sweet sound. Hugh's attention to detail, his excellent musical ear, and his eye for beauty clearly show in the instruments he is producing. Since we met in 1997, Hugh has invested a lot of time in his little brother as he patiently taught me lyrics and tunes from his extensive collection of country/bluegrass/gospel songs. Part of the fun of learning from Hugh, though, is to be able to hear his interpretations and inflections of the music that go beyond mere lyrics and melodies. There is a certain uniqueness about Hugh's music that sets it apart. Sharing in his enjoyment of music has been a great motivator for his little brother. One thing that I cannot say about Hugh, though, is that he is flexible. He's not. And he isn't even gracious when he corrects an unauthorized variation of one of his favorite songs. Even today, when I don't do his songs his way, he has a habit of telling me ... sometimes with great emphasis, but always with love. I am privileged and honored to have Hugh as my brother and friend.

Rick Watson - Banjo and Dobro

Rick Watson is an accomplished guitarist, having studied and taught Classical and Flamenco guitar before applying his guitar skills to Bluegrass music. In recent years, Rick has earned a reputation as a fine banjo and dobro picker, in addition to the guitar. He regularly plays onstage at bluegrass festivals and at improv jam sessions throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, and other states. He and his wife, Shirlee, travel in their RV many months each year to spend great times pickin' and singing with their many bluegrass friends. Rick's business career included working as an electrical engineer in the aerospace industry. He also has an entreprenaurial spirit that led him to own some fast food franchises and an offroad motorcycle shop. This background makes Rick a valuable resource when you need an electrical problem solved, a food line to be organized, or a fast exit out of town. Rick's interests in physically challenging sports have kept him fit and active throughout his life. He has surfed extensively down the California coast to the tip of Baja California in Mexico. He took up offroad motorcycle racing when he was about 40 years old, and was soon winning races against competitors half his age. Rick continues to wind surf and snowboard between bluegrass jams. He says: "Getting older is inevitable, but growing up is optional." Rick has been a patient teacher and encourager for me as I have taken up the guitar and bluegrass music. He has invested a lot of time in his little brother's guitar work, and I appreciate his endurance. A great lesson that Rick teaches by example is the value of working hard at things that you want to master. There is a big difference between playing an instrument, and playing it well. The differences include natural ability, study, and practice. Rick has demonstrated those qualities in everything he has undertaken. I am privileged and honored to have Rick as my brother and friend.