1. "Pickin' Brothers"

The "Pickin' Brothers" CD is an audio CD Released in 2008 that contains original Bluegrass, Country, and Gospel songs written and performed by Marshall Clary. On several of the songs in the album, Marshall is accompanied by his two brothers, Hugh Clary on dobro, and Rick Watson on banjo and dobro. Songs included on this "Pickin' Brothers" CD include: 1. I'm Not Going Back To The Bad Times; 2. Making Plans; 3. Wind Rider; 4. Hilton Head Blues; 5. Where The Devil's Flowers Grow; 6. Sharron Annette; 7. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight; 8. Howard & Annie; 9. Writing On The Wall; 10. Your Love Just Amazes Me; 11. Come To San Diego SPECIAL COMMENTS OF POTENTIAL INTEREST: This CD project is a special event for three brothers who first met in 1997 as a result of a family research project undertaken by Marshall Clary. Their family history presents a fascinating saga that was totally unexpected, sometimes shocking, sometimes sad, sometimes funny, frequently hard to believe, but true, none-the-less. Shortly after they met, the idea of eventually recording some music together became a distant goal that they shared. This "Pickin' Brothers" CD is the culmination of that goal. This is a CD that three brothers who love each other wanted to do together, simply because they wanted to do it together. That's about as good a reason as you'll ever find. We hope that you enjoy our music. It took a lifetime to get it down on this CD. This CD available from CD BABY
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2. "Things To Do"

This CD was released in 1999 and it contains original "New Bluegrass," Country, and Gospel songs written and performed by Marshall Clary. Songs on this CD humorously imagine reported events in the true family saga of brothers and sisters who grew to adulthood without knowing about each other. It seems that their mutual father ommited a few family details along the way, and keeping in touch after he left town was not particularly wise. He was a moving train without a rearview mirror, and he had "Things To Do" ... somewhere else. This CD also contains several Gospel songs --- one of which was written in a hospital waiting room while a family member was being operated on, another is based upon the shortest verse in the Bible, and a third sounds like it fell off a Calypso banana boat. Songs on this CD include: 1. Children; 2. Roxie; 3. Goldie; 4. Ruth; 5. Her Name Was Ruth; 6. Verla; 7. Family Jam; 8. Calm The Storm; 9. I Believe It; 10. Jesus Wept. CD BABY
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3. "Nashville Sings Christian Country" - The Songs of Marshall Clary

This CD was originally released in 1992 and was re-released in June 2008. This CD contains 12 songs performed by 11 different Country Music artists, including 7 longtime members of the Grand Ole Opry. All songs were recorded in Nashville, accompanied by an outstanding group of elite Nashville studio musicians who have backed some of the biggest names in Country Music on many hit recordings. Songs on the CD include: 1. Make a Joyful Noise; 2. Bethlehem; 3. Having You With Me (Final Version); 4. He Called My Name; 5. I See That Lonely Cross; 6. Hold On To My Hand; 7. Jesus, Do You Really Care? 8. Jesus, You Have Loved Us; 9. It's Your Wedding Day; 10. Flowers Bloom; 11. Come To Me; 12. The Lord's Prayer Buy From CD BABY
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4. "Don't Give Up On Me" --- Stu Phillips, Featuring the Songs of Marshall Clary

Newly written Classic Country story songs about men and women who stand by each other during hard times, along with some toe-tappin' "just for fun" songs written by Marshall Clary, performed by Stu Phillips, longtime Member of the Grand Ole Opry and a Member of the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame, and recorded with that great Nashville Country sound. CD BABY
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