"Don't Give Up On Me" CD Now Available 

A complete CD in now available online of Marshall Clary's songs that were written especially for performance by Stu Phillips, member of the Grand Ole Opry and member of the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame This CD is entitled: "Don't Give Up On Me." This is one of the best collections of songs that I have ever written, says Marshall. "I knew from day one, that Stu Phillips was going to record them so I had his voice and his personality in mind as I wrote each song. These songs are perfect for…

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Krakow, Poland Trip 

In July, 2008, Marshall Clary and 13 other volunteers were privileged to visit Krakow, Poland and to meet and make friends with local youth and adults during a visit of 9 days While there, we held youth Day Camps in a city park and at a local Orphanage. We also performed Country Gospel music on the streets, in the historic Market Square, in two Friday night Coffee House sessions, and in two local Sunday worship services. AUSCHWITZ-BIRKENAU EXTERMINATION CAMP: On our last day in Poland, before…

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Blanca Rosa- A True Story from a Missions Trip 

Her name is Blanca Rosa (White Rose) She stands behind a small counter where she sells fruits and vegetables along a dimly lit, and smelly, walkway inside the covered central market of Santa Barbara, Honduras. The market is a square block in size, with many little walkways that crisscross past tiny, makeshift, vendor stands where one can buy fruit, vegetables, meats, utensils, shoes, clothing, buckets, machetes, spices, etc. It’s where the locals come to do their everyday shopping. During a…

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"Nashville Sings Christian Country" Now Available Online 

A RE-release of Marshall Clary's songs that were recorded in Nashville, TN by members of the Grand Ole Op'ry was added to CD BABY in June 2008. It will shortly be available on Apple's iTunes, also This CD was recorded in Nashville and the music is beautifully performed by established Country music stars and by elite studio musicians who have backed numerous mega-stars on hit records over the years. This CD combines original lyrics and melodies written by Marshall Clary with the Nashville sound to…

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Songs from Pickin' Brothers Now On Radio 

Two songs from the "Pickin' Brothers" CD are now being distributed for radio airplay under agreement with Triplestrand Productions. The songs: "I'm Not Going Back To The Bad Times" and "Writing On The Wall" are being promoted and distributed to Independent Artist radio programs in the USA and Europe, beginning in June 2008. __________________________

New "Pickin' Brothers" CD Released 4/14/2008 

Marshall's latest CD, "Pickin' Brothers," was released April 14, 2008 The album includes 9 new original songs written by Marshall and 2 classic country/bluegrass songs written by others --- all performed by Marshall with the instrumental help of his two brothers, Hugh Clary and Rick Watson. "Pickin Brothers" CD is now available for sale online, and individual songs from the album can also be downloaded online. Click on the "Buy" and "Links" sections of this website to find out where to go to…

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